A credit-eligible series of Master’s-level courses to advance your career. May be applied to accelerate a Master’s Degree at TU Delft.

  • 4 Courses in program
  • 9 - 12 weeks per course
  • 9 - 12 hours per week
  • English language

Solar energy technology use is expanding rapidly. The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) sector is the largest and fastest growing renewable energy employer worldwide with an increasing need for experts that can support this growth.

In this MicroMasters® program you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a career in the solar energy field and become a successful solar energy professional. This program will teach you what is expected from solar experts, and will prepare you for employment in various capacities including:

  • Systems design and engineering.
  • Solar systems installation.
  • Device fabrication and characterization.
  • QA and reliability testing.
  • Project management and consultancy as well as (technical) sales.

The program includes diverse learning activities, including videos, readings, exercises and real-world applications. You will be guided through the content in an inspiring, hands-on, but rigorous manner. It is designed so knowledge is built gradually. We therefore recommend that students follow the courses in the suggested order. However, you may choose to enroll in any course of your choice based on your background knowledge or experience.

The program is taught by photovoltaics research experts from TU Delft with many years of experience working with industry partners. Among these experts is Professor Arno Smets , the first ever recipient of the edX Prize for Exceptional Contributions to Online Teaching and Learning.

"In line with our mission to support engineers world-wide in gaining new competencies, our foundation made a substantial contribution to the development of the TU Delft MicroMasters Program in Solar Energy Engineering. We are convinced that this programme offers new skills to engineers and helps to find solutions for one of the world's grand challenges." - Dutch Foundation PATO


The courses in this program are MOOCs that can be followed for free. In order to earn a certificate a fee is required.