In a world flooded with online courses, navigating their varying values can be a challenge. How can you leverage the certificate and knowledge you gained from an online course to advance in the job market?

Meet Microcredentials – a digital certificate designed to resonate with employers worldwide.

What is a Microcredential?

A Microcredential (MC) is a digital certificate that allows learners to demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired after successfully completing a small educational unit (course/program). It is ​​awarded in the form of a digital badge and serves as a proof that the course or program is aligned with European quality standards.

This digital certificate is shareable, accessible online and can be verified by employers at any given time - so it confirms the authenticity of the certification and verifies that the skills were truly obtained. As such, the microcredential allows both learners and employers to trust and recognize the credentials, using them as evidence for educational and professional.


   Clear Outcomes: Gain well-defined knowledge and skills upon completing the course or program.
   Digital Certificate: Receive a digital badge that is easily shareable and instantly verifiable.
   Recognized Quality Framework: Benefit from high-quality education that is aligned with European quality standards. 
   Short and Targeted Offerings: Engage in educational units that are smaller than a diploma or degree, yet equally recognized. Ideal for specialization, upskilling or retraining for busy professionals.
   Validated Proof of Achievement: Obtain an objectively validated certificate, backed by reputable higher education institutions.


Digital Certificate

You receive your MC as a digital certificate (issued via a platform called Edubadges). The certificates can be easily shared and are instantly verifiable by other educational institutions or employers. Our Microcredentials are distinguished by a small logo from other type of Edubadges. The digital badges do not have an expiration date and are managed on the Edubadges platform by the learners themselves.




How to Obtain a Microcredential

TU Delft offers a selection of Microcredentials (see list of eligible courses/programs below). Once you successfully complete a course or program with an associated Microcredential you will be automatically awarded this certification and its digital badge (also referred to as edubadge).

To receive the badge you need to:

   Create an eduID - You can set this up here. TIP: use an email address which is NOT the email of an educational institution but an email that you will continue using after you have left the institution. (If you already have an EduID, you can log in directly to the Edubadges platform)
   Link your eduID account to your institution
   Create an edubadges backpack on the Edubadges platform


What is the study load of a Microcredential?
In the Netherlands, Microcredentials can be issued for courses with a study load between 84 - 840 study hours (the equivalent of 3 - 30 ECTS). For the specific study load check the course/program page of your choice.

Can I obtain a Microcredential for a course/program completed in the past?
MCs are issued for selected courses/programs as of 2023; MCs cannot be granted retroactively for courses/programs taken in previous years.

How can I verify a Microcredential? 
The digital badges can be verified on the edubadges platform. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to verify an edubadge.

Can I get an exemption for regular education?
The Microcredential does not automatically lead to an exemption for a regular study program nor guarantees admission to it. This is subject to the Board of Examiners of the institution.

What is an Edubadges backpack?
Your Edubadges backpack is the place where you store and manage your edubadges. From your backpack you can share your edubadges with others. You will receive your edubadge via the edubadges platform and you will keep it in your backpack. To do this, you need an eduID. You can log in to your backpack with your eduID. Your eduID is an identity that you can use for the rest of your life.


For more information on Microcredentials at TU Delft please contact us.

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