Online Proctored Exams

What is an online proctored exam?
Online proctoring is a form of online digital testing that is location-independent. Surveillance is done online, with the help of special software. The advantage of online proctoring software is that students are able to take their examinations anywhere (at home, for example) in fraud-proof conditions. Monitoring software, video images, and watching students’ screens are intended to prevent and detect fraud.

The following is required to take a proctored exam:

  • A sufficiently powerful laptop/computer for running the required software on one screen; any additional screens must be disconnected.
  • A working webcam (internal or external), ready for recording videos.
  • A working microphone (internal or external), ready for recording sound.
  • A working keyboard and mouse (or another suitable device for indicating purposes).
  • A stable internet connection (an upload speed of 300kb/s is the minimum, advised is 1Mb/s), preferably wired.
  • The most recent version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

The TU Delft has adopted a TU Delft Online Proctored Examination Regulation which outlines what responsibilities lecturers and students have in using and participating in this assessment method. We consider your privacy to be paramount in this process. More information about online proctored exams and privacy and data security can be found here.