Terms and conditions

Enrollment, admission & payment

You can enroll in a course or specialized program up to the final deadline date indicated on the course page. There are admission requirements for online academic courses and specified programs; you can find out which requirements apply on each individual course page. The faculty will review your application and determine whether you can be admitted. If you are admitted, you will receive an offer from TU Delft, and you can take part in the course as soon as you have paid the course fee.


Students who successfully finish online courses or programs will receive a certificate in a digital format (PDF file) via e-mail. Students are responsible to check their personal details are recorded correctly. We will e-mail you a reminder to check these details and recommend these match what is shown on your ID/passport. Please note that this will be your only copy as we cannot issue duplicates. TU Delft will not send individual printed certificates to students. Students can print out the certificate themselves. 

Tuition Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from a course must pay an administration fee of €50. Students who withdraw from a course before two weeks prior to the start date of the course will receive a 100% refund for that course (minus the administration fee). Students who withdraw from a course after two weeks prior to the start date of the course will be entitled to a 50% refund (minus the administration fee). No refund will be given after the course has started. In case of force majeure, you must submit a request to the university, which will decide the validity of your case.

All refunds will be calculated in Euros. TU Delft will not refund any shortfalls due to exchange rate fluctuations, or offer compensation for any bank or other charges incurred.

MSc courses, sets of courses, specialized programs - The following provisions pertain to all refund policies applied by Delft University of Technology for its online MSc courses, unless specifically stated otherwise. When a student begins a course, set of courses, or a program under Registered (R) status before final completion of the student admission file and is subsequently denied admission, the student is eligible for a full tuition refund. The University does not refund tuition for any course that has been completed. As a general rule, students are required to pay per course, unless a different payment schedule has been previously arranged in writing.


Courses occasionally must be cancelled, due to low enrollment or for other unexpected reasons. Note that if a course is cancelled, or if a schedule change forces you to drop a course, your tuition is refunded in full, but you are responsible for other incurred expenses. For courses that are part of a programme, the same holds, with the restriction that no reimbursement occurs for courses already delivered as part of the programme.

Disclaimer online education

  • Accounts for TU Delft Online Learning are only available to natural persons. Registering with an existing TU Delft email address is not possible on TU Delft Online Learning. The term "online student" in these terms and conditions refers to the natural person whose first and last name and email address are entered on the registration form.
  • The online student is not a student or an external student within the meaning of Art. 7.32, paragraph 1 of the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) and is not entitled to a combined student grant within the meaning of the Student Grant Act 2000 (WSF 2000).
  • The online contract student may participate only in the courses that he/she enrolls in.
  • During the academic year in which the courses are taken, the student may also take the examinations for the courses to which he/she is admitted.
  • Once admitted to an online MSc course, the cost of the course is € 250 per European Credit. Expenses made for literature (books/readers) and for any equipment are not included in this price.

The full terms and conditions can be read here.


Code of Conduct

Universities thrive where intellectual and academic freedom, integrity, respect, the pursuit of knowledge and scientific expertise combine to produce new knowledge and disseminate it, introducing it to the wider world. Core values of TU Delft are: respect, integrity, expertise, involvement and transparency. Our modus operandi as an institution is trust – by which we mean that every member of our community is expected to comply with the core values, to draw inspiration from them and to feel responsible for upholding them. All at TU Delft should act with a sense of social responsibility and be aware of technology’s value to and impact upon society. As a student you become part of our academic community. That is something to be proud of, but also that comes with certain responsibilities. If you want to read more on these core values, the TU Delft has set these guidelines down in a Code of Ethics and the Code of Honour.

Derived from these codes we formulated an code of conduct for our online participants:

  • Access our courses only for lawful purposes.
  • Respect the privacy of other members of the class and other students.
  • Respect the integrity of the University’s computer systems.
  • Respect the diversity of opinions among the instructor and members of the class and respond to them in a courteous manner. Electronic communication consisting of all caps, large font, bold print, Avoid ALL CAPS, abbrv of wrds (abbreviating words), and excessive punctuation!!!! may be considered unprofessional. The staff will be proactive in removing posts and replies in the discussion forum that have stepped over the line.
  • Maintain an environment free of harassment, stalking, threats, abuse, insults, or humiliation to the instructor and members of the class.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the TU Delft privacy statement.

TU Delft processes, manages and protects your personal data with the utmost care and therewith complies with the requirements imposed on us by the Personal Data Protection Act. For more information you can visit the website of The Dutch Data Protection Authority.

1. Every student is entitled to view his personal file. The data in it is otherwise only accessible to TU delft employees and subcontractors who require it by virtue of their position.

2. Students are entitled to ask that their personal data be corrected, added to, or deleted if it is factually incorrect or incomplete. This is also possible in the event that it does not serve the purpose for which it is recorded, or if it has been recorded in breach of the law.

3. Personal registration data will only be given to a third party if this is relevant to the purpose of the registration, if it is a legal requirement, or if the owner of the data has given their permission. The third party is required to handle your personal information with care.

4. Students should give their permission for information other than that relating to his studies to be sent to his email address. This includes surveys organized by TU Delft on the quality of teaching. It is emphasized that non-personal email messages, such as requests to take part in graduation research projects, may not be sent without the permission of the student.

Please know, that we might review and make changes to the privacy policy. When any changes are made to the privacy policy, we will notify you by sending an email notification. Changes which will be made are effective immediately upon posting on the website. Be sure to return to this page periodically to ensure familiarity with the most current version of this Privacy Policy. TU Delft Online Learning is part of www.tudelft.nl. For more information see article 12 of the terms and conditions.