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Develop the proficiency and expertise that employers are looking for with specialized training and professional education.

  • 3 Courses in program
  • 5 - 8 weeks per course
  • 4 - 8 hours per week
  • English language

Calculus, physics and chemistry are the foundation of many important science and engineering disciplines. Understanding their basics is fundamental for advanced studies. This series of three MOOCs will give you the chance to review the fundamentals of these subjects.

This program will cover topics that are a prerequisite for many engineering programs but will also show you how these topics are applied in the various follow-up studies. In addition, the courses will also introduce the different ways in which calculus, physics and chemistry are approached at university level to ensure an easy entry to a new degree program. We aim to teach the skills, but also to show you how mathematics, physics and chemistry will be used in the context of different engineering and science disciplines.


The courses in this program are MOOCs that can be followed for free. In order to earn a certificate a fee is required.