Robin de Kruijff works as an assistant professor at the Reactor Institute Delft of the TU Delft, where her research focuses on using radionuclides for medical applications. This means that she works on developing new production routes for radionuclides using our nuclear reactor, investigating their potential as radiopharmaceutical for cancer therapy, and using radiotracers to study the bioavailability and metabolism of essential minerals. She also finished her PhD at the TU Delft, but worked at Argonne National Laboratory in the USA for her postdoctoral research afterwards.

Robin currently teaches the course Introduction Process Technology in the bachelor program Molecular Science and Technology as well as a couple of courses about radioactivity in the master program Chemical Engineering.

research interest

  • Radiochemistry
  • Radionuclide production
  • Radiotracers

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Assistant professor at the Reactor Institute Delft


MSc, Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology


Applied Science

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