Volkert van Steijn works as an associate professor and leads a research group that has the ambition to contribute to solving problems in the area of health and life sciences through the development of lab/organ-on-a-chip technology. His group hereby builds on a sound expertise in fluid dynamics and transport phenomena at the micro-scale. Before joining the Department of Chemical Engineering, at the Faculty of Applied Sciences at TU Delft, Volkert worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Harvard.

Volkert currently is the director of the bachelor program Molecular Science and Technology. This program between TU Delft and Leiden University provides students with a broad base in chemistry by marrying the molecular concepts by chemists and the technological concepts by chemical engineers. Through this combination, graduates are prepared for a working life on a planet on which solutions to the grand societal challenges in energy, health, and so on, clearly require a profound understanding of chemistry and chemical engineering.

research interest

  • Transport phenomena 
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Lab-on-a-chip and organs-on-chip 

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Director of the bachelor program Molecular Science and Technology




Applied Science

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