Safe water supply and sustainable water treatment are essential for the well-being of communities all over the world. These online courses, offered by TU Delft’s water management specialists, give you a unique opportunity to gain access to world-class knowledge and expertise in this field.

Our courses offer solutions that include:

    New and innovative technologies for water and wastewater treatment.
    The latest engineering interventions for water management in rivers, coasts and the urban environment.
    Multi-stakeholder approaches to develop more effective water strategies and policies.
    Ways to address contemporary water-related challenges from a socio-spatial and cultural perspective.
    Tools for the design and management of resilient water systems and sustainable delta solutions in times of climate change.

Check out our courses in this field and contribute to sustainable water management.


Online Learning Benefits:

    Be in the loop: Keep up to speed with all the constant changes and innovations in technology
    Make an impact: Apply newly acquired cutting-edge knowledge at work and impress
    Onward and upward: Develop and deploy new skills such as leadership or management to enhance your career prospects
    Expand your network: Meet like-minded professionals and learn from best practices in your field
    You choose: Courses are 100% online, there’s 24/7 online access to material and you can join courses throughout the year.

What is it like to take an online course at TU Delft? Watch this video for an introduction to our learning platform:

Online Courses at TU Delft


"I had always been a bit skeptical about online courses, but my experience with this course proved me wrong. This was the course I had been waiting for several years to improve my knowledge of the latest techniques for water treatment. The course provided a unique combination of scientific knowledge, virtual practice and appropriate techniques to design a water treatment system."
Johan Shyti - previous participant  


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