Our Skills for Engineers Courses

We believe that in the highly complex and uncertain world of today, engineers are essential to solving the big societal challenges we face. Alongside up-to-date technical knowledge, a broad range of skills – in project and stakeholder management, leadership, business models, decision making, data strategies and ethical responsibility – are essential to excel in engineering roles, projects, and activities. 

If you are a science, engineering or design professional looking to develop a strong set of competencies to improve your responsible and entrepreneurial leadership. Or if you wish to apply human-centred and data-driven strategies in your daily work and in multi-actors engineering and technology projects – we can help you in some critical areas: 

   Collaborative leadership, to lead and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams, work, scale up and improve impact together. To acquire the understanding and skills necessary to involve a wide range of stakeholders and effectively lead the way for others. 

   Systems engineering, to devise and apply a holistic approach to designing, implementing, and managing complex systems. Additionally, to integrate diverse components, consider interdisciplinary perspectives, address technical and non-technical aspects, and ensure efficiency, reliability, and adaptability. 

   Integrated design, to become proficient in human-centered design approaches for products, services or systems that seamlessly incorporate diverse engineering disciplines. To ensure that mechanical, electrical, software, and other aspects are harmoniously integrated to optimise functionality, efficiency, and overall performance. 

   Data-savvy engineering, to keep up to date on relevant data science and machine learning techniques to analyze, interpret and responsibly use large data sets, statistical methods, and algorithms. To result in informed, data-driven decisions in engineering projects and technology contexts. 

   Responsible engineering, to design and implement technological solutions in a way that considers ethical, social, and environmental implications. To prioritize safety, sustainability, and the well-being of individuals and communities, aiming to create innovations that contribute positively to society while minimizing potential risks and negative consequences. 

Our courses and programmes are also of value to other interested parties such as policy makers, innovative professionals, and social entrepreneurs. 

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