Our Skills for Engineers Courses

Engineering is a vast industry with many specialisations. Nevertheless, there are many skills that are useful right across the entire engineering umbrella. Alongside up-to-date technical knowledge, nowadays, skills in communication, stakeholder management, project management, leadership, business models, decision making, data strategies and ethical responsibility are essential to excel in engineering roles, projects and activities. This is where our targeted courses can help professionals, and engineers in particular.

Skills at the service of engineers
Through our courses and programs, professionals and especially engineers, can to develop a strong set of applicable skills. These will enable them to feel comfortable in situations that are often ambiguous or uncertain. They learn to translate complexity into clear messages – able to inspire and convince others – finding the common ground and creating consensus.

The courses are designed by engineering lecturers together with professionals to make sure they meet the typical, and relevant, needs of engineers in a variety of contexts.

Our Courses and Programs on Entrepreneurship

Our Courses and Programs on Decision Making

Our Courses and Programs on Design Approach

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