analysing my own project as a case study – JAN MENNO NAP

Jan Menno Nap
The Netherlands

"Analysing my own project as a case study with personal guidance and feedback from the professors."

Jan Menno Nap is an online student from The Netherlands. He participated in the online course Project Management: Mastering Complexity. Read about his experience.

What was your motivation for enrolling in this course?
I was ‘between jobs’, and I wanted to learn more about project management to gain a better position in the labour market. What interested me most in the course description was examining the different elements of projects like stakeholders, cultures, environment, etc. I wanted to learn about project management, and how I can enhance my skills and capacities to understand and manage the complexity of it. The reputation of TU Delft was also a key factor in my choice.

The best part of this course was analysing my own project as a case study with personal guidance and feedback from the professors at TU Delft. It enhanced my decision-making capacity. I hope to apply all that new knowledge in my future job.

How would you describe your online learning experience?
The experience was great! Because I wanted to learn from home I chose an online course. It was very easy to work in the online learning environment. I was in contact with my fellow students through peer reviews and discussion forums. It was very easy to get quick responses from the professors. This was a great course from TU Delft.

My advice to someone who would like to take a similar course would be: first define your learning goals, and then search for a good course that matches your objectives.

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