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An interactive course with team-based exercises, brainstorming sessions, and other engaging training techniques. Delivered at TU Delft campus.

  • 4 Courses in course
  • 2.5 days per module
  • On TU Delft campus, The Netherlands
  • English language

The world of risk professionals, consultants and managers is constantly in flux. Due to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges, cyber threats and other emerging risks, those working in the field need to keep their radar on for any changes, to differentiate themselves from the pack. 

Celebrating its 10th run in 2024, this OSPA-award winning Risk Management Summer Course will get you up to speed in a practical way with the latest developments in risk management, regardless of your industry and background; and will provide you with an opportunity to expand your network with like-minded peers.

The course is delivered under guidance of Prof. Sicco Santema (TU Delft), and Ir. Rinske Geerlings (Business As Usual, Australia) who was TU Delft Alumnus of the Year in 2012. 

Watch the lively risk management webinars hosted by the instructors, Prof. Sicco Santema and Rinske Geerlings, on 2 February and 25 April 2024

Course Content and ISO Standards

The course is delivered at TU Delft campus and divided into four modules (each accommodating a maximum of 40 participants.) Each module extends over 2.5 days. For a complete overview we recommend joining the whole course but you may join specific modules individually. 

Week 1 features the popular world standards on Risk Management (ISO 31000, Module 1) and Business Continuity (ISO 22301, Module 2), including a disaster ‘drill’ that enhances participants’ scenario planning skills. This, as well as case study reviews and practical self-assessment exercises checklists, will provide delegates with confidence in uplifting their own processes. 

Week 2 covers Information Security Management (ISO 27001, Module 3) and Crisis Management (ISO 22361, Module 4) including a data breach simulation game and crisis response case studies, giving participants the practical experience on how to implement and maintain these essential management systems in an organisation.

This highly interactive course is infused with team-based exercises, brainstorming sessions, discussions and other engaging training techniques. With participants coming from all walks of life and geographical regions, it also provides completely new perspectives to those who have already worked in the field of risk management for a longer time. 

The guidance offered by related ISO standards further enhances the theoretical principles that underpin the various frameworks covered in this course. Participants interested in getting certified would need to book separately for an ISO exam which can be taken computer-based anytime after the course, and which can be provided details on upon request. 

ECTS points can be earned for this course upon fulltime 2-week attendance and a follow-up case study exercise under TU Delft Professor supervision. The IDE subject code of this course is ID5113. Please contact us for more details.