Project Management Skills

Are you a (project) engineer with a technical background but lack - or wish to enhance - management knowledge and skills?

Projects are not only getting larger and more complex, they are also growing more ambitious and presenting greater challenges. Project managers nowadays not only need to build work plans and allocate resources, they need to align projects with business goals, build enthusiasm for the project in a variety of stakeholders, manage teams and develop and maintain partnerships. So how can you as project manager ensure you get the best out of both people and projects?

Based on more than 60 years of experience in this field, TU Delft offers 2 online programs that will not only develop or enhance your project management skills, but will also improve your career prospects.

Each program consists of 2 courses – an introductory course, plus one of these specializations: Project Financing and/or Mastering Project Complexity.

You can enroll now in the full program of your choice with a 10% discount, or enroll in the first introductory course: Project Management of Engineering Projects: Preparing for Success and choose a specialization later.

Join us and gain new skills and tools which will help you successfully manage engineering and technical projects!

Mastering Project ComplexityProject Financing

In this online program you will develop the advanced project management skills needed to deal with the inherent uncertainties linked to the length and scale of engineering, infrastructure and other large projects. You will be able to use your own project as a case.

Are you involved in the development and execution of technical projects and eager to know what it takes to fund a project successfully? In this program you will learn about the latest developments in project finance and how to use these to your advantage. 

Preparing for Success

In the first course of both programs Project Management of Engineering Projects: Preparing for Success, we focus on the early project phases, when key decisions are often made, which affect project success.

In this first course you will learn or refresh hard skills such as risk analysis, cost estimation, scheduling and other practical tools. You will also learn how to engage in the front-end phase of an engineering project in a robust way. The course is highly practical: you will write an execution plan to apply the new knowledge that you have gained. You will acquire tools such as stakeholder mapping and management, team selection and team building, to help you find and encourage collaboration and acceptance among the different parties involved in the project.