Anytime (Self-Paced)
€650  €790
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Develop the proficiency and expertise that employers are looking for with specialized training and professional education.

  • 2 Courses in program
  • Self-Paced per course
  • 5 - 6 hours per week
  • English language

Note: This program can be started at any time until 10 December 2023, and it will be closed for all participants on 20 December 2023. Please note that all assignments should be submitted before the end date in order to obtain the certificate.

This program will enrich your mastery of photovoltaic engineering through practical experience. You will gain this practical experience in a virtual lab environment in which you will conduct experiments with light, solar cells, modules, batteries, power electronic components, and system design. You will test the impact of various realistic situations and configurations on the performance of PV systems and all their components. You will also practice how to set up measurements, the principles of which are used on a large scale in a professional setting.

If you normally just see and analyze the above through a mathematical representation as an output of a model, or know theoretically how they perform - in this program you will actively manipulate them in a virtual live setting and challenge yourself by arranging the measurement setup.

Is this program for you?

This program will support PV professionals who wish to enrich their understanding of photovoltaics and related best practices through practical work. It also suits engineers new to the industry who seek a more "hands on" experience with solar equipment, thus gaining a more pragmatic understanding of their work.