Our Courses on Photovoltaics

As a photovoltaics engineer, do you seek a more in-depth understanding of photovoltaic materials, devices or systems? Do you wish to develop your modeling skills? Or do you want to prepare for future innovations such as PV systems and hydrogen storage?

The experts of Delft University of Technology, who are at the forefront in the field of photovoltaics, will start in August and September specialized programs for solar engineers on various topics. Learn more how we can help you advance your career in this fast growing and innovative field:

MicroMasters Solar Energy EngineeringThis program rigorously covers the science behind photovoltaics, and will be beneficial - and challenging - for starters as well as established solar engineers seeking stronger foundations. Equal to MSc courses at the university. (480 study hours, four courses 3 months each, and final exams)

PV Modeling, Simulation and AnalysisLearn tools and valuable understanding of how to characterize and predict the performance of photovoltaic technologies. Throughout the program, you will work on various scenarios and case studies, based on real-life problems. (50 study hours, 2 courses)

Virtual Lab: Solar and Chemical Energy Conversions for Green HydrogenDiscover the characteristics and operation of the various steps required to efficiently convert the energy of photons into electricity and green hydrogen, in small and large photovoltaic systems. (80 study hours, 2 courses)

All courses are recorded and can be followed 100% online, 24/7, and the time and place that suits you. 

Benefits of taking the online courses of TU Delft:

  • Learn advanced theory together with real-world assignments.
  • Enhance your employability and career opportunities.
  • Earn an official certificate of TU Delft given as a proof of your achievement.
  • Learn anytime, anywhere using our online learning platforms.

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