Sep 18, 2024
€720  €900

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  • 2 Courses in program
  • 6 weeks per course
  • 4 - 6 hours per week
  • English language

The renewable energy sector, including the solar photovoltaic technology field is an essential source of energy for the energy transition. In the last few years, the photovoltaic field has developed rapidly, finding solutions to improve device efficiency and minimize costs at many distinct levels of the device products. The final aim is to reduce costs in order to deliver solar electricity at lower cost than non-renewable sources.

In this program, you will be given a comprehensive view of the fabrication processes, design rules, and environmental impact from solar cells to modules. You will gain knowledge of the most relevant PV technologies that dominate the present-day PV market as well as the next generation solar cell architectures and materials that will enter the market in the near or next future. This will provide you with the appropriate tools, knowledge and skills needed to understand the working principles of high-efficiency solar cells and ways to improve performance, 2) to gain greater insight in deposition technologies for functional thin-films, 3) to apply design rules for novel cell and module architectures, 4) to improve the environmental profile of photovoltaics by reducing material concepts and recycling.

In each course, you will learn how pressing limitations in terms of device performance, material processing, module design and reliability have been addressed based on the different PV technologies and the environmental profile of solar cells and modules.

The program is developed and taught by photovoltaics research experts from the TU Delft PVMD group that has many years of experience in high impact research on solar photovoltaics and in working on practical applications together with industry partners.

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This program can be started at any time from 18 September 2024 until 2 December 2024, and it will be closed for all participants on 12 December 2024. Please note that all assignments should be submitted before the end date in order to obtain the certificate.