Advanced Project Management Skills

Do your projects not always deliver what you expect?
Do you need to learn what it takes to fund a project successfully?

Engineering, infrastructure and other large projects are not only getting larger and more complex, they are also growing more and more ambitious and present greater challenges in attracting and managing the necessary funding to realize them.

If on average 40% of projects do not deliver what they promised, there is clearly a need to do things differently.

Project Complexity and Project Finance

Based on more than 60 years of relevant practical experience in the field of project management, and following on from our highly successful MOOC on the basic aspects of this subject, our experts at TU Delft identified the need for two specializations:

- how to deal with the increasing complexity of projects, and
- how to better organize their funding.

Our two new online professional education courses will equip project managers with the advanced project management skills needed to deal more successfully with project complexity and project financing.

Project Management: Mastering ComplexityProject Finance: Funding Projects Successfully

Start date: May 4, 2017

In this online course you will be able to use your own project as a case and you will develop the advanced project management skills you need to deal with the inherent uncertainties linked to the length and scale of engineering, infrastructure and other large projects.

Start date: June 8, 2017

Are you involved in the development and execution of technical projects and eager to know what it takes to fund a project successfully? Would you like to be more in touch with the latest developments in project finance and able to use these to your advantage? 

Preparing for Success

Are you a (project) engineer with a technical background but lack management knowledge? Are you eager to improve project performance and want to expand your knowledge?

The business and management course Project Management of Engineering Projects: Preparing for Success will focus on the necessary project management skills to successfully manage projects, distinguishing three areas:

  • The project manager and the team
  • The project process
  • The project context

The course focuses on the early project phases, including examples from technical projects within various sectors and industries (amongst others, but not limited to, infrastructure projects and construction projects).


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