AI, Data & Digitalization courses

We believe that digital technology can serve as an engine for a responsible and sustainable future society. Companies that want to accelerate their business are increasingly turning to AI methods and technologies to help them solve complex problems, promote efficiency, and improve performance and decision-making.  

Whether you are an engineer approaching AI, an innovative professional, or a teacher in AI, looking to understand emerging technologies and market trends to apply them in your job and improve everyday practice – we can help you in some critical areas: 

   Fundamentals of AI, to acquire knowledge on solutions such as machine learning, where models learn from data; natural language processing for communication; computer vision for visual perception; and data processing and problem-solving through algorithms that enable AI to adapt and improve over time. 

   AI digital application, to understand this technology’s versatility across industries and to acquire skills to deploy it in diverse fields such as healthcare, finance, smart vehicles and more. 

   Digital competencies and strategies, to be able to navigate the challenges inherent in handling vast amounts of data and deploying AI solutions responsibly. Think of proficiency in programming languages, adaptability to evolving technologies, interdisciplinary collaboration skills, and ethical understanding. Acquiring such skills further supports you in strategic decision-making and planning, integrating risk management, business goals, and AI and data strategies. 

Our courses and programmes are also of value to professionals such as policy makers, consultants, innovation managers, and social entrepreneurs. 

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