Promoting Your Online Course

The Promotion Menu

Based on learnings of Harvard, MIT and EdX, the promotion menu contains best practices for promoting your online course. The menu fits communication advisors as well as course teams who are looking for ways to increase the number of enrollments for their courses. Click here to download the menu. Below are some suggestions for executing the suggestions that are given in the menu.

Inform Business and Academic Network

You probably have colleagues in various other companies, universities and others. Why not informing them on the upcoming course through email and/or social media? While each of us has his own way of communicating with his or her peers, you can hopefully find some inspiration in this document. Read this Linkedin article for an example for using social media to promote your course.

Brochures for Conferences and Events

Are you going to a conference or an event, where you can inform your peers from academia or industry about TU Delft Online Courses? Contact us in advance so we can provide you with brochures (printed on A6), or download a digital copy.

We can also create course specific brochures. See the example of:


An introduction video and additional teaser material can be a great way to grow interest. See the following examples: 

Email Signature

Add the Online Learning email signature to spread the word! Just by adding the signature to the bottom of your email you will be able to promote the online courses effortlessly, among your colleagues and other contacts outside TU Delft. Save the banner below or download the image here and follow instructions for adding the banner, for Windows or Mac. It is best to link to the homepage of the website:


Using Linkedin