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This course will bring you through the necessary steps to (re)design and deliver an online course following the TU Delft approach.

TUD is recognized as a front-runner and thought leader in online engineering education. Since 2013, we have created a portfolio of more than 250 open and online courses for professionals and lifelong learners. Our course design method, based on the extensive expertise of educators, is guided by the TU Delft Online Learning Experience (OLE) model to guarantee a learner-centred approach. In addition, our Course Development Process is set to improve efficiency in design and project planning. This course is designed around the following four phases:

  1. Plan: Who are your learners? What do they need? What is the best way to teach the concepts that you would like to teach? The blueprint and storyboard of your course will help you define your target audience, the learning objectives and the elements of your course. 
  2. Produce: How do you move from sketch to realization? How do you go from drafting your ideas to a full-fledged module? You will create an online course module including learning resources, learning activities and assessments, exploring the potential of reuse.
  3. Run: How do you motivate learners to complete tasks and assignments? What means do you use to communicate with learners? You will outline how you will engage your online learners and write a relevant communication plan to implement while running your course. 
  4. Evaluate: Did the course achieve what you wanted? You will discuss how to collect learners’ feedback, and how to improve a future iteration of your course.

As well as being encouraged to take part in discussions and share your work on the course platform, you will receive formal feedback from the instructors on individual submissions. In addition, you can attend weekly online consultation hours to ask questions, share experiences and discuss the assignments. You will walk away with a practical blueprint, a storyboard, and a fully-fledged module, and communication and evaluation plans for your online course.

When you successfully complete the course and submit the assignments, you will receive a certificate of completion and will be entitled to claim 3 CEUs (Continuing Education Unit).

What You'll Learn

After taking the course, you will be able to:

  • Use the TU Delft Online Learning Experience (OLE) model to create a learner-centered course.
  • Apply the TU Delft Course Development Process to (re)design your online course.
  • Design a blueprint for your online course defining the learning objectives, the target audience, and their learning needs.
  • Create a storyboard for your online course with relevant learning activities and assessment
  • Develop one of the learning modules from your storyboard 
  • Decide what needs to be implemented to deliver an engaging learning experience.
  • Evaluate the quality of your course following the principles of the OLE model.


Course Syllabus

The course is organized in 6 modules. A brief summary of each module is presented below.

Getting started
In the Getting Started section, you will become familiar with the course structure and the virtual learning environment, complete your profile, introduce yourself, and meet the other course participants and instructors.

Module 1. Explore the TU Delft Online Learning Experience (OLE) Model 
We will introduce you to the TU Delft Course Development Process and the design models we apply when creating online courses. You will have the opportunity to explore and apply the principles of the OLE model. 

Module 2. Design your course blueprint 
You will draft a course blueprint, incorporating Constructive Alignment Theory into your own course design. You will define the learning objectives, the target audience, and their learning needs.  

Module 3. Planning your course through a storyboard
You will write a detailed draft-skeleton of your course in a storyboard. You will reflect on the story you would like to tell and on what steps you have to follow to deliver the message and help learners achieve the learning objectives.

Module 4. Produce an online course module
You will fully develop one of the modules in your course, designing a variety of activities, defining assessments and testing out their delivery. 

Module 5. Engaging your audience
You will create a communication plan for your course and reflect on the role of an online moderator. You will consider how to achieve the right balance of learner-to-content and learner-to-learner interactions and decide the frequency of learner-instructor exchanges. 

Module 6. Evaluating your course
You will discuss the importance of learners' feedback to improve future editions of your course and test the robustness of your course design by revisiting the OLE model.

Weekly (optional) Online consultation hours: time and dates to be determined during the course.


Certificates and CEUs

If you successfully complete this course you will earn a professional education certificate and you are eligible to receive 3.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

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