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The course focuses on designing an online course or redesigning an on-campus course for remote teaching by first looking at online learning in general, and the TU Delft Online Learning Experience model along with other models. The TU Delft Course Development Process will be introduced in order to improve efficiency in design and project planning.

During the course, you will design an online course module which will be staff and peer reviewed. The peer review will provide you with the opportunity to analyze other designs and also receive further input from peers on your own design.

The course offers a weekly webinar where participants share experiences, discuss the assignments, gain feedback from peers and the instructors on their current or proposed course design.

This training enables educators to design a new online course or to move from an in-person teaching format to an online format, creating flexibility for the instructor. Online education requires specific digital and design skills as the learner experience depends heavily on the design of the online course.

This course can benefit educators at all levels, professionals in the area of education/development/trainers that will design or redesign online or remote courses/workshops/training and life-long learners in the educational field that would like to have quality training in designing online courses or trainings.

After taking the course, you will be able to:

  • Create a course blueprint for your online course using three of the principles of the TUD Online Learning Experience model and the course development process.
  • Create a storyboard for your online course with proposed learning activities
  • Build a learning sequence for an online course in Open edX or other platform.
  • Reflect on your role in online learning.


Course Syllabus

The course is organized in 4 modules. A brief summary of each module is presented below.

Getting started
In the Getting started section you'll get to know the course structure, become familiar with the virtual learning environment, complete your profile, introduce yourself, meet your fellow learners and the moderators.

Module 1. The world of TU Delft Online Education
We will introduce you to the online activities of TU Delft. You will draft a course blueprint as your online course design. You will determine your target audience and learn from other online lecturers.

Module 2. Apply the TU Delft Online Learning model
You are going to apply three of the principles of the TUD Online Learning model to your own course design. You will write a detailed draft and description of a module in a storyboard.

Module 3. Produce an Online Course Module
You are going to build your activities, develop content and define your assessment into a platform (such as Open edX). You will analyze two peer designs. You can discuss your module with the moderators and revise your design.

Module 4. What can Online Education be for you?
Reflect upon your role in online learning and your experience using the course development process. An optional assignment is to create a content item and receive feedback from peers and instructors.



None. Recommended for teachers new to online course formats.

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