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In this course you will learn about the different experiences patients go through in a medical context. The patient journey explores the interaction between the patient and the healthcare providers in all stages of the disease; coping with treatment and dealing with expectations, and interaction with and between different stakeholders.

This course will give designers and specialists in healthcare the knowledge, insights and tools to be able to analyze and improve patient experience. You will learn how to map complex healthcare scenarios, pinpoint opportunities and create hands-on solutions aimed at improving the patient experience.

This course is an introduction to patient journey mapping; developed at the Delft University of Technology and applied in improvement of care pathway. Step-by-step, the course visualizes the different stakeholders, phases and actions involved in patient treatment. You will be challenged to pursue new insights and given unique opportunities to learn, observe and question patients and medical professionals, with the opportunity to attend a live broadcasted, interactive surgery.

No previous knowledge about health care innovation, design or journey mapping is necessary.

Start the course anytime, and complete it at your own pace!

This course is part of the Professional Certificate Program Product Design & Health.

What you'll learn:

  • The Patient Journey Mapping method
  • Understand the different stages of a patient's experience and treatment journey
  • When and where Patient journey mapping can be applied
  • How to identify opportunities from a patient's journey


Course Syllabus:

Week 1: Introducing the patient in a complex system.

Experience there is a wider perspective by changing perspectives and describing interactions and relationships between patients and various actors.

Week 2: Building a patient journey of a complex system.

Use gathered information to set up a patient journey by defining and applying stakeholders and phases.

Week 3: Integrating expectations, emotions and activities.

Use interviews with patients and questions to surgeons during a live surgery to understand how to deepen the patient journey.

Week 4: Opportunities from a patient journey.

Introduction to Delft Design methods: Compose opportunities and develop ideas

Week 5: Designing care pathway improvements.

Identify the situations in which you can apply patient journey mapping. Generate future improvements in your own context.


This is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that runs on EdX.

No previous knowledge about health care innovation, design or journey mapping is necessary.

  • Start date
    Anytime (Self-Paced)
  • Admission Deadline
  • Cost
  • Course length
  • Estimated effort
    2 - 3 hours per week / 5 weeks
  • Course code

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