Richard Goossens is a full professor of Physical Ergonomics at the department of Industrial Design Engineering within the section of Applied Ergonomics and Design at the Delft University of Technology. Beside this Richard is a Medical Delta Professor.

In 1994 his PhD thesis was on Biomechanics of body support. Since then Richard is supervising research for the development of the 'Surgeons Cockpit' and coordinating education of Medisign students, supervising them in serious design projects for medical specialists and companies.

research interest

Physical human factors during professional product use.

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Professor of Physical Ergonomics, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology


PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Erasmus University Rotterdam
MSc, Mechanical Engineering, Delft University of Technology


Industrial Design Engineering


Recent publications:

  • Santos, ALR, Wauben, LSGL , Guilavogui, S, Brezet, JC, Goossens, RHM & Rosseel, PMJ (2016). Safety challenges of medical equipment in nurse anaesthetist training in Haiti. Applied Ergonomics: human factors in technology and society, 53(Part A), 110-121.
  • Anderiesen, H, Scherder, E, Goossens, RHM, Visch, VT & Eggermont, L (2015). Play experiences for people with Alzheimer's disease. International Journal of Design, 9(2), 155-165.
  • Rijnen, Z, Togni, P, Roskam, R, Geer, SG van de, Goossens, RHM & Paulides, MM (2015). Quality and comfort in head and neck hyperthermia: A redesign according to clinical experience and simulation studies. International Journal of Hyperthermia, 31(8), 823-830.
  • Albayrak, A, Goossens, RHM, Vehmeijer, SBW, Bodewes, H, Sunderman, T & Lancaster, J (2015). Holistic enhancement in hip surgery by design. In SFM Liam & YC Shih (Eds.), Bridging research and good practices towards patients welfare: Proceedings of the 4th international conference on healthcare ergonomics and patient safety (HEPS) (pp. 299-308). London: Taylor and Francis Group.
  • Dooren, MMM van, Visch, VT, Goossens, RHM, Spijkerman, R & Hendriks, VM (2015). Personalized persuasive game design for youth addiction care. In s.n. (Ed.), CHIPLAY 2015: Personalization in serious and persuasive games and gamified interactions workshop (pp. 1-7). s.l.: s.n..

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