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Are you looking to make your career in science, engineering or design? Then join the community of online learners at the Delft University of Technology!

Courses that matter

Our course portfolio offers great value, and helps you to stay on top of your game, whether you are looking to change career, broaden your skillset, or acquire further academic qualifications.

   90% of our learners would recommend our courses;
   85% find their expectations are met or exceeded;
   70% feel they can immediately apply what they learnt;
   1-in-2 people enrol to use learnings at work/improve their career.

We have been developing innovative online education since 2013 to share knowledge with people around the world. Our focus in applying theoretical knowledge to practical solutions and being innovative in our education helps us to maintain a front-runner position* – This is important to us and to our learners because of the pressing need to keep up with the rapid changes in today’s world. 
Our Educational Philosophy underpins the learning experience and a relevant portfolio to support learners interested in building a better society by focusing on solving global challenges.

* the MIT’s 2018 report Global state of the art in engineering education recognises us as thought-leader in online education.

Today we have:

   over 3.5 Million online learners worldwide;
   130 MOOCs (massive open online courses);
   10 online academic courses;
   45 professional education courses;
   35 short programmes;
   400 dedicated instructors;
   30+ international awards.

Alumni Discount
Are you a TU Delft graduate? Then you benefit from a special discount on our portfolio.

Why study with us?

Wherever you live, and whatever your goals and ambitions may be, our diverse portfolio of courses will suit your needs.

   Learn from world-class experts in their field;
   Course work & interactions are 100% online;
   Study at the time and place that suits you;
   24/7 access to course material.

You too can benefit from the expertise of our world-class academic staff and our advanced learning facilities to further your career and future endeavors. Our partnerships with the business community ensure that the knowledge you gain can be applied in the real world. This is why our students choose TU Delft: they find appropriate employment effortlessly or become successful entrepreneurs.

Why we do what we do?

Part of the university’s history of over 175 years of excellence in research and education, since 2013,  the TU Delft Extension School for Continuing Education has been delivering innovative online learning at TU Delft to help lifelong learners and professionals like yourself acquire knowledgeable and skills and contribute to solving today’s global challenges. 

   Valuable partnerships: our affiliation with reputable international organisations and institutions means that we can exchange best practices and enrich our expertise to better serve the needs of learners.

   Unique educational approach: our approach is innovative: we use a specifically designed development & evaluation pedagogical model to create our online courses and we constantly explore and deploy new tools and technologies (for example VR and online labs) to ensure that learners have an optimal learning experience.

   Quality Assurance: a robust QA structure, processes and resources underpin our commitment to deliver a high-quality, stimulating and engaging (online) learning experience that meets learner’s needs. Three sets of Quality Standards & Indicators define and benchmark all our quality activities.

   World-class research: as a leading university in science and technology, we research current, cutting-edge fields, but also education itself. We incorporate these research findings to improve the quality of our didactics, the learners’ experience and the delivery of content. This means that we can offer learners the latest knowledge in their chosen field of study as well as a great online learning experience.

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