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Leading technical university

With a history of over 170 years of excellence in research and education, TU Delft has established itself as one of the leading technical universities in Europe, as demonstrated in the yealy world university rankings. TU Delft is positioned no. 19 in the world ranking (no. 6 in Europe) in the Engineering & Technology subject of the Times Higher Education, 2014-2015. With TU Delft you will be joining with thousands of our graduates around the world. These scientists, engineers and executives have been developing technologies for a broad array of industries and disciplines. These include the construction of the famous Dutch sea protection infrastructure, developing the latest generation of wind turbines, and designing innovative new products and services that make a difference to society.

We prepare you for your career and future endeavors by combining the expertise of our world-class academic staff with our advanced learning facilities. Our partnerships with the business community ensure that the knowledge you gain can be applied in the real world. This is why our students choose TU Delft: they find appropriate employment effortlessly or become successful entrepreneurs.

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Online learning at TU Delft

A key part of our DNA involves developing innovative ways of learning that allow you to benefit from what we have to offer. Since 2013, TU Delft decided that online learning programs were the best way to share its knowledge with people around the world. Wherever you live, and whatever your goals and ambitions may be, our diverse portfolio of courses will suit your needs. Our course portfolio offers great value, and helps you to stay on top of your game, whether you are looking to change career, broaden your skillset, or acquire further academic qualifications.

TU Delft received the EDEN 2016 Best Practice Inititative Award for a paper about the TU Delft Online Learning Experience - a pedagogical model that supports the development of our courses and strives for increasing quality. The award is not just for the paper, but for the whole initiative of designing the model and implementing it for our courses.


TU Delft at a Glance

  • TU Delft (Delft University of Technology) was established as a Royal Academy in 1842 to facilitate the education of civil engineers.
  • The Logo of the University resembles the flame of Prometheus, who, against the will of Zeus, brought mankind the mighty fire from the mountain Olympus. TU Delft can follow in Prometheus' footsteps by developing innovative, durable and environment-friendly technology. Prometheus' flame thereby makes a worthy symbol for TU Delft.
  • TU Delft exhibits eight faculties: Aerospace Engineering; Applied Sciences; Architecture and Built Environment; Civil Engineering and Geosciences; Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science; Industrial Design Engineering; Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering; Technology and Policy Management.
  • The University is consistently ranked amongst the leading of Europe-based universities of technology.
  • TU Delft has an extensive framework of external and internal quality assurance for education and research. The BSc and MSc programs are all accredited by the NVAO (the Dutch and Flemish Accreditation Organization), and TU Delft also passed its institutional audit on quality assurance. The audit committee stated that the university ‘has systematically anchored an improvement ethos in all ranks of the organisation’.


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