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   Energy Transition
   Sustainable Cities
   Future of Transportation
   Quantum Computing
   AI and Cybersecurity
   Medical Technology
   Skills for Engineers

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We offer a discounted fee for groups. Discounts start at 10% and depend on the number of participants in the group. Our reduced group fee can be applied to a group following the same course or to participants in a combination of courses. Contact us for more information.
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What do industry experts say about our courses and programs?

Sustainable Packaging in a Circular Economy
"Over 50 employees of Coty participated in the online course "Sustainable Packaging in a Circular Economy" offered by TU Delft. This resulted in an increased understanding in our teams of sustainability and how it can further be applied to our business. Through this course we will stimulate our employees to participate in and contribute with even more confidence to discussions on sustainable packaging within our company."
— Vincent Delavenne, Vice-Président Packaging, Coty Luxury

Professional Certificate Program in Aeroacoustics
"Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy has pursued a focused R&D program on aeroacoustics for many years, and as a result newly developed low-noise technologies are continuously implemented in new and existing wind turbines. We have collaborated with Delft University of Technology in various research projects to further the application of promising noise reduction technologies. These courses in aeroacoustics will provide professionals with the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals and how to apply them in various applications."
Stefan Oerlemans, Head of Noise Section, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy A/S

MicroMasters Program in Solar Energy Engineering
"At Trina Solar, our mission is to develop smart energy for the benefit of mankind. Skilled engineers are essential to sustain the rapid growth in the solar energy industry and drive innovation to reduce the cost of solar power. Education and training of young engineers is therefore critical in this new industry. The Solar Energy Engineering MicroMasters Program is extremely relevant for anyone who would like to pursue a career in this sector."
Pierre Verlinden, Vice-President and Chief Scientist, Trina Solar

Professional Certificate Program in Automated Software Testing
"Software testing is indispensable for developers who want to ship high-quality software. The techniques and methods used by Delft University of Technology will prepare you to contribute to a software team using industry-standard workflows. The program will equip any Java developer, QA engineer, or software tester with important skills."
Vanessa Gennarelli, General Manager Education, GitHub


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