TU DELFT COURSES FOR businesses and organizations

Empowering Organizations’ Growth and Embracing Sustainability


Our mission is to future-proof your business in the era of fast technological advancement and emerging societal needs such as climate change, sustainability problems, digitalization, and AI. By educating your professional workforce on the latest scientific research and technologies, you can contribute to a better, more sustainable future whilst promoting your business’ growth.

We offer best-in-class courses for engineers, created by renown subject matter experts. Our courses help to close knowledge gaps and upskill your workforce, thereby driving measurable outcomes for your organization.

Group discounts for your teams
We offer a discounted fee for groups. Discounts start at 10% and depend on the number of participants in the group. Our reduced group fee can be applied to a group following the same course or to participants in a combination of courses.

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What we offer to businesses and companies

   Group enrolments at a discounted fee (more information about discounts for groups)
   Dedicated runs of a preferred course especially for your team/business
   Advice on courses that would fit your company (sign up for a customised consultation to discuss learning opportunities for your organization)

Advantages of online learning for your business

   Gain access to the latest knowledge and expertise and connect with world-renowned research and teaching staff
   Certification from a world-class institution
   Flexible, not time or place dependent
   Reduce expenses on travel, classroom instructors and facilities

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