Circular strategy for a product from its inception

INDEED Innovation

"The course has taught us the importance of identifying the best potential circular strategy for a product from its inception."

INDEED's innovation consulting services covers industrial design, engineering, design research, brand packaging, service design, and software design. It aims to develop products, services, and business ecosystems that balance profitability and shareholder values with its social and environmental resources. Eight of its employees participated in the course Circular Product Design Assessment and share their experience of delving deeper into this subject and learning together as a team.

What was the motivation to join the course?
Here at Indeed we are committed to training our employees and equipping them with the tools necessary to innovate for the circular economy. After participating in numerous online courses delving into the theoretical side of the circular economy, we were searching for a course offering concrete tools and strategies that we could implement in our design process. TU Delft’s Circular Product Design Assessment course provided this opportunity.
How will the team use and apply what you have learned to your current or future projects?
The course has taught us the importance of identifying the best potential circular strategy for a product from its inception. This is something we hope to implement and have open dialogues with our clients about. We plan to leverage the disassembly mapping tool to both evaluate existing products and design product architectures for our future innovations.
How was the team’s experience studying online? 
As a company, since the shift to remote working, we have become accustomed to online collaboration using digital software and tools. We set up a dedicated Teams channel for the course and used it to share insights, ask for advice and help each other with course work. We paired this with our own company Miro board where we shared images of our work’s progress, allowing us to compare and improve through each other’s work. 
What would be the next course or skill that the team would like to master, related to this topic?
We are always searching for high value courses that will equip us with knowledge and tools to tackle designing sustainable products. At the minute we are focusing on building up our knowledge of materials, technologies, and manufacturing processes for the circular economy.

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