Our Courses on Sustainable Mobility

Transport has a serious impact on the environment, accounting for a significant share of the world's energy consumption and emissions. We believe in transport systems that are based on the design and deployment of low-emission solutions and on the prioritization of sustainable modes of transportation - over land, air, and water - to help our society reduce energy consumption, pollution, and congestion, and increase safety. ​ 

Whether you are a computer, logistics, transport or environmental engineer, a tech entrepreneur, or a data scientist we can help you in some critical areas: 

   Sustainable transportation systems, to understand how innovations play a role in reducing congestion and emissions, and how to make transportation more sustainable by adopting electric and hybrid vehicles, integrating renewable energy sources in all transport modes, promoting non-motorised travel in cities, and implementing efficient public transportation. 

   Safe, secure, and inclusive transportation systems, to effectively address the diverse needs of users and create a reliable and user-friendly transportation ecosystem; to apply integrated human-centered design and prioritize safety, security, and inclusivity. 

   Ethical and responsible innovation in transportation, to develop and implement technological advancements with careful consideration for their societal, environmental, and ethical impacts to ensure that technological progress in transportation aligns with broader societal values and needs. 

   Automation, Big Data and AI, to understand how automation can boost transport efficiency, safety, and inclusivity; to apply Big Data to facilitate informed decision-making and proactive traffic management; and to use AI to tailor transport services to individual preferences, optimise routes, and predict failures or incidents – whilst being aware of both opportunities and risks. 

Our courses and programmes are also of value to other interested professionals such as social entrepreneurs, policy makers, teachers, and safety managers and consultants. 

Are you interested in gaining new skills and knowledge of sustainable mobility? Check out our courses in this field.

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