strengthen our online communication skills - Ilke Ercan

Ilke Ercan
The Netherlands

"The course also helped me improve my pedagogic literacy and helped me use education literature more effectively."

While working as a Principal Educator, Ilke Ercan participated in the online course Designing an Online Course. Read about her experience.

What was your motivation for enrolling in this course/program?
I’m a recent employee at TU Delft so I enrolled in this course to familiarize myself with the online teaching environment. The course content exceeded my expectations as we were presented with numerous tools to strengthen our online communication skills, learned to use visual tools, and enrich the type of assignments we can present to students. The course also helped me improve my pedagogic literacy and helped me use education literature more effectively.

How did/will this course impact your career or life?
This course presents a comprehensive overview of the tools and techniques that can enhance online education. Considering the impact of the global pandemic on teaching and learning, the content of the course must be a requirement for all educators. Even when university education can resume in person, I will continue to incorporate the tools utilized in this to course to enhance my interaction with students.

How was your experience learning online?
The task of creating our very own online course during this course was a significantly rewarding experience. Weekly meetings allowed us to run our ideas by colleagues during group work, and the tools and techniques provided can be utilized on the spot.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of taking a similar course?
I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is teaching online. Even if the participants are not planning on developing new material from scratch, I would suggest that they make use of the expert guidance provided in this course to test new ideas and enhance creativity.

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