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Master software testing in Java through this highly practical and inspiring program designed to help you become a better developer.

Professional Certificate Program
A series of career-oriented courses to develop in-demand skills.

Software testing gets a bad rap for being difficult, time-consuming, redundant, and above all - boring. But in fact, it is a proven way to ensure that your software will work flawlessly and meet release schedules.

In this two-course series, we will teach you automated software testing in an inspiring way. We will show you that testing is not as daunting a task as you might think, and how automated testing will make you a better developer who programs excellent software.

This program will cover software testing as it is practiced in industry. The first course will cover various techniques using JUnit, including unit testing, test adequacy and code coverage, mock objects, test-driven development, design for testability and test code quality. The second course will cover state-based and web testing, combinatorial testing, mutation testing, static analysis tools, and property-based testing.

This is a highly practical program and it suits software developers, QA engineers and software testers in Java development environment.

Job Outlook

  • Software testing skills are essential for developers who would like to become senior developers, especially in big tech companies.
  • Estimated annual salary of senior Java developers amounts to $116,885 USD per year (, in the United States).
  • Estimated annual salary of software test engineers amounts to $95,159 USD per year (, in the United States).

Real Career Impact

"Software testing is indispensable for developers who want to ship high-quality software. The techniques and methods used by Delft University of Technology will prepare you to contribute to a software team using industry-standard workflows. The program will equip any Java developer, QA engineer, or software tester with important skills."
— Vanessa Gennarelli , General Manager Education, GitHub

What You'll Learn:

  • How to unit test any software system using current state-of-the-art tools.
  • How to derive test cases that deal with exceptional, corner, and bad weather cases by means of several different techniques.
  • How to develop testable architectures and to write maintainable test code.
  • The limitations of current testing techniques, and how to choose the best testing strategies for a given context.


Meet the instructors:

Arie van Deursen

TU Delft


Mauricio Aniche

Postdoc researcher
TU Delft




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