Maurício Aniche is a postdoc researcher in Software Engineer at Delft University of Technology. He plays several roles in the group, such as conducting his own research, supporting PhDs and MSc students in their research, and helping in the teaching of the software engineering courses that we provide in our campus.

Maurício holds a PhD from University of São Paulo, where he researched about the importance of contextual quality measurements during software maintenance. However, Maurício likes to have one foot in research and one foot in industry: before moving to academia, Maurício worked as a software developer for different companies. These experiences gave him a very pragmatic vision on how software engineering is (and should be) as well as good technical skills on object-oriented programming and software testing. As a consequence, Maurício has also authored two technical books about pragmatic testing (TDD in Real World) and object-oriented design (OOP for Ninjas) which have sold more than 8k copies.

Maurício is currently interested in two topics: 1) better ways of building web systems, 2) augmenting the awareness of software developers when it comes to the quality of their software. To that goal, Maurício focuses on understanding the challenges faced by developers in a certain activity by means of rigorous Empirical Software Engineering research; and, with a clear problem in hands, he builds approaches, techniques, recommenders, tools, or even educational material that will help developers to improve their jobs.

research interest

Web engineering.
Empirical software engineering.
Software testing.
Software maintenance.

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Postdoc researcher in Software Engineer at Delft University of Technology


PhD, Computer Software Engineering, University of São Paulo
MSc, Software Engineering, University of São Paulo
BSc, Computer Science, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie


Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

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