Professional Certificate In AI

AI in Practice - 5 Reasons to Join This Program

Artificial Intelligence is a field that no longer concerns solely data scientists and computer programmers. With AI emerging as the most disruptive type of technology, managers and business leaders also need to prepare for the application of AI in their organizations and business processes.

The online program AI in Practice might be just what you need to be able to make sense of what AI can do for you and how to integrate AI solutions in your own organization in an effective and responsible manner. Here our 5 reasons to join this program:

1. AI isn’t just hype

While the adoption of AI was already on the increase before 2020, not surprisingly the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend. According to a recent study, the ongoing crisis and lockdown measures have stepped up the digital transformation of many organizations and the adoption of artificial intelligence. The increasing use of digital tools and online activities are uncovering new opportunities in areas as diverse as business, public administration, education and research. Elizabeth Aguado, who followed this program in 2020, says: 

“With the reset we are about to experience due to COVID-19, many young professionals see the necessity of upgrading their skills to stay competitive in an ever changing business world. There are definitely better career prospects for those who are skilled in new technologies and I realized that AI was something I needed to continue to be valued in the manufacturing and import/export industry.”

2. AI can help all types of organizations

Regardless how large or small, simple or complex your organization may be, there are AI solutions available in all shapes and sizes. AI can help solve specific problems, drive efficiency and improve performance and decision-making. It can support all kinds of business needs, from automating business processes, handling and interpretation of data to engaging with customers and employees. AI in Practice presents a wide range of real cases and examples to illustrate how AI can be of value in all types of organizations. Manager Customer Support, Marian Stan, who participated in the program, says:

”I had been interested for some time to learn more about AI, especially to gain new ideas on how AI can be implemented in certain industries. This program was an excellent option because of the broad range of topics covered and the diversity of the experts who contributed to creating the content and giving the lectures.”

3. Preparing for AI is key

Regardless of your professional background or job role, if you, like many others, are puzzled as to how to get involved with the technology, how it can be applied in your business processes and ultimately how you can integrate specific AI solutions in your organization, this program will set you on the right track. AI in Practice is for everyone: no complicated math, technical or programming expertise is required. This program looks beyond the technology. It goes a step further than merely explaining what AI means or could possibly do for your organization: it will prepare you to apply AI in an effective and responsible manner. Zeinep Kechagia, program participant, says:

“As a management consultant in the financial sector, I am always very keen to explore the future of all complex decision-making processes in a structured way. What I have learned in this program will help me to guide my clients through their transformation journey mostly by integrating their assets with state-of-the-art technology and solutions.”

4. Take no risks, plan and invest in AI wisely

AI is developing at such rapid pace that before investing in a new AI initiative, organizations need to fully understand the pros and cons of different AI technologies. This program will guide you in the practical aspects of applying AI. From implementation challenges, lifecycle aspects, maintenance and management of AI applications, to potential implications- ̶  such as compliance and ethical considerations. Think for instance of concerns about the potential misuse of data, security or privacy issues. AI in Practice will give you tools and knowledge to avoid wasting time and resources pursuing the wrong technology or taking unnecessary risks. Gerard Danjou, a Senior Director and participant in this program, says:

“I joined this program because I wanted to understand the role AI would play in the future of E-commerce and the considerations that need to be taken into account when deploying E-commerce even further. I wanted to learn how AI could help improve the buyer and seller experience and what are the challenges to consider. The program provided a good balance of theory and real cases, making the topic of AI very practical.”

5. Add a new credential to your professional profile

Earn a Professional Certificate as formal recognition of the specialist knowledge that you will gain. Ranked in the top 5 of Universities for Engineering and Technology in Europe, TU Delft offers this program in collaboration with the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI). AI in Practice includes more than 25 contributors from 14 different organizations, universities and companies, such as ING, Ahold Delhaize, Elsevier, KPN and Thirona. Elizabeth Aguado, remarks: 

“I see this program as the beginning of greater things. I am confident that when the time is right, with all that it entails to implement AI, I will have the skills to work with it and to better monitor the reporting and manufacturing processes as they evolve. One doesn't become an AI expert overnight but this program is a great start.”

Is this a program for you? Join us and acquire the tools you need to successfully integrate AI into your organization - or check out all the courses we offer in the fields of AI, Data and Digitalization.