accredited courses


These online courses and program within the Medical Technology portfolio have been accredited as meeting the industry current professional quality standards by the following national accreditation bodies:

Dutch Association for Technical Medicine (NVvTG)

Accredited program:


Dutch Association for Sterilisation of Medical Instruments (SVN)

Accredited program:


Dutch Association for Specialists in Sterile Medical Tools (VDSMH)

Accredited courses:


Dutch Association for Hospital Instrumentation Technicians (VZI)

Accredited courses:


How to request your points?

Learners who have successfully completed one of the courses/programs and obtained a certificate, can request accreditation points at one of the professional bodies listed.
You can do so by sending us an email indicating:

  • Name and last name
  • Name of the professional body 
  • Copy of the certificate
  • User id 

The request must be sent within 2 weeks from the course completion.