excellent program to undertake - Reema Deo

Reema Deo

"This program will assist you in understanding how to analyze a policy without bias."

While working as a Senior Business Analyst, Reema participated in the online program Water Strategy and Planning.

What was your motivation for enrolling in this course/program? 
My area of work involves a lot of policy analysis mostly at the national level. In Fiji, there is no University that offers specialized studies on policy analysis. I was motivated to study this course after realizing my lack of knowledge in this field.

How did/will this course impact your career or life? 
The course helped me to gain understanding of analyzing policy in depth and targeting the right group of people to get the job done.

How was your experience learning online?
The best thing about the program was that it was online and each module was one per week. The most challenging part was the feedback session with the lecturer. Fiji is 10 hours ahead of the Netherlands, so the online feedback sessions were done in early hours of the morning. This issue was ironed out once the lecturer was aware, so earlier evening timeslots were added. I appreciated the feedback received from the lecturers which changed my perspective on policy analysis.

What advice would you give someone who is thinking of taking a similar course?
This is an excellent program to undertake. The modules are designed to be easily understood with video tutorials presented in each module. This program will assist you in understanding how to analyze a policy without bias.

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