Redesigning deltas

Redesigning deltas is the theme of our 182nd Dies Natalis of TU Delft. This year we explore the crucial significance of designing deltas for the well-being of societies.

To keep our Dutch delta and deltas around the world safe and liveable, we urgently need to rethink them, and plan and design them differently. This is a challenge that can only be solved with an integrated and interdisciplinary climate change adaptation approach.

Join us in understanding the profound impact of thoughtful delta design on flood control, water management, and sustainable development. Discover how well-designed deltas can enhance the quality of life for millions, ensuring a harmonious and resilient coexistence with nature.

TU Delft’s 182nd birthday celebration marked a perfect occasion to share our best practices, latest knowledge, and to hold educational debates in this topic. Are you interested in the world of deltas? We invite you to dive into our online courses and other educational resources from TU Delft.

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