May 18, 2020
€ 1200

Develop the proficiency and expertise that employers are looking for with specialized training and professional education.

  • 2 Courses in program
  • 5 weeks per course
  • 4 - 6 hours per week
  • English language

In the last few years the discipline of aeroacoustics has developed rapidly with the aim of finding solutions for reducing noise from many systems: from simple wings, engines, ventilation systems, wind turbines to the most complex aircraft configurations.

Many companies are nowadays asking for combined aeroacoustic and aerodynamic knowledge in candidates' profiles, and it is therefore crucial for professionals to stay up to date to be able to succeed in this challenging and continuously evolving field.

This Professional Certificate Program in Aeroacoustics, which consists of two career-oriented courses, will provide you with the appropriate tools, knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Translate complex aeroacoustic theories into practical design applications, and
  • To design, prototype and test aerodynamic components with integrated noise reduction technologies.