KIVI Chartership

Becoming a Chartered Engineer with Online Education



Chartered Engineer is an internationally recognized engineering qualification. Engineers can distinguish themselves with an independent professional qualification that represents the highest competence and commitment standards of their profession.

TU Delft has partnered with KIVI to offer a range of online courses for engineers who want to meet the formal education requirements required to both obtain and maintain the Chartered Engineer qualification licensed by KIVI. The courses offered by TU Delft can be taken either as part of Initial Professional Development (IPD) or of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) stages; and they correspond to the requisite competencies determined by KIVI. 

Designed by world-class experts of their field, the courses of TU Delft offer a unique contribution to the skillset of practicing engineers, by focusing on topics such as risk and safety management and ethics. They are aimed at preparing engineers to deal with the complex projects  of the 21st century. The courses combine relevant theory with practical applications and provide you with the skills to advance your career.

Some of the online courses offered by TU Delft (including KIVI’s competence for chartered engineers) are:

In addition to these courses, TU Delft offers additional courses in the field of project management, also designed to help engineers to support their career.

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KIVI Chartership Courses