Chartered Engineering | Competence-based Development

Did you know that our online courses can help you build the competencies required to obtain or maintain a professional qualification?
Besides offering the knowledge and skills needed to advance your career and meet the demands of an evolving world, our courses are also an opportunity to obtain or maintain an internationally recognized professional qualification.
Becoming a chartered engineer is an ideal way to prove your qualities as a professional engineer, show your commitment to lifelong learning and stand out from the crowd.
All our online courses and programs have been matched to the competencies determined by KIVI’s Competence Structure, a common frame of reference for everyone, across all disciplines, levels and roles. 

To find which competences match the course of your choice, follow these steps:

1) Go to the course page.

2) Find the corresponding competencies under the Qualifications tab.

Why Choose Our Courses?

   Applicability: we offer courses and programs in a wide range of popular topics – from Energy Transition and Future of Transportation to Medical Technology and AI, Data & Digitalization – as well as non-technical knowledge aimed at equipping engineers to better deal with increasingly complex projects, in areas such as stakeholder and project management, leadership, business models, decision making, ethics and responsible innovation. 

   Flexibility: with 24/7 access to course material, our online courses can be followed wherever you are, at the time and place that suits you.