Tina Nane is an assistant professor of Applied Probability at Delft University of Technology since 2015. She is the responsible lecturer for BSc and MSc courses in decision theory and structured expert judgement and has conducted training workshops for structured expert judgment methods.

Her current research primarily focuses on uncertainty quantification and analysis, both data-driven and by employing expert opinions, both from an applied, as well as from a theoretical perspective. The structured expert judgment applications span over a variety of areas, including source attribution of food and waterborne illnesses in U.S., dike failure assessments in The Netherlands or citation analysis.

Tina has a PhD in Statistics and a cum laude MSc in Risk and Environmental Modelling from Delft University of Technology. Her MSc project focused on the risk assessment of merging and spacing airborne protocols. This work was the result of a close collaboration with NASA Langley Research Centre. The project was not only Tina's first encounter with a concrete application of uncertainty quantification and the use of structured expert judgment, but also an opportunity to hold and organize uncertainty quantification training workshops for NASA. This triggered an ongoing academic interest and a strong passion for knowledge dissemination.

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Assistant professor of Applied Probability at Delft University of Technology


PhD, Statistics, Delft University of Technology
MSc, Risk and Environmental Modelling, Delft University of Technology


Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

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