Remon Rooij has a strong interdisciplinary background: a doctorate on The Mobile City (2005) within the interdisciplinaryTRAIL Research School for Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics and an MSc degree in urban design & planning and real estate & construction management. He has substantial experience in researching and teaching (strategic) spatial planning, with a specific focus on:

  • the urbanism of networks and the role of mobility and infrastructure in urban vitality: multimodal transport, planning & design of mobility environments, activity-travel behaviour of people, mobility of vulnerable user groups (elderly and children in particular);
  • the role of sports events and sports facilities in urban and regional development and transformation;
  • socio-spatial strategies for urban regeneration and revitalization;
  • methods of urban design and planning driven research.

research interest

  • Educational leadership and the development of academic curricula in the field of the built environment.

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Associate professor Spatial Planning and Strategy at the department of Urbanism, Delft University of Technology
Bachelor programme leader faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment, Delft University of Technology


PhD in Spatial Planning, Delft University of Technology
MSc in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, Delft University of Technology


Architecture and the Built Environment

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