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Patricia Osseweijer is full professor and leader of the Biotechnology and Society group at the Department of Biotechnology, TU Delft. She is Flagship Manager of the BE-Basic program "Societal embedding of a Sustainable Biobased Society" (14 M€) and coordinator for the BE-Basic activities in Brazil and Malaysia. She is advisor of the Brazilian Bioenergy program.

During her career she organized the international course "Bioethics and public perceptions" in Oxford, among others. Her research interests focus on responsible biobased innovation – in particular on its societal impact –, public opinion forming, novel designs of public communication and their relevance for policy making and ethics.

She aims to bridge societal challenges to (bio)technology solutions and encourages engineers to think from a society's perspective.

research interest

Social responsibility of scientists in public interaction and public opinion forming.
Novel forms of public communication.
Ethical aspects of industrial biotechnology.
Development of transdisciplinary action research methodology.

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Full Professor of Science Communication at the Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology


PhD, VU University of Amsterdam
MSc in Biology, Utrecht University


Applied Sciences


Recent publications:

  • Sleenhoff, S & Osseweijer, P (2015). How people feel their engagement can have efficacy for a bio-based society. Public Understanding of Science (online), 1-18.
  • Flipse, SM, Sanden, MCA van der & Osseweijer, P (2014). Aligning key performance indicators with social and ethical aspects in food technology. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 85, 185-197.
  • Flipse, SM, Sanden, MCA van der, Winde, JH de & Osseweijer, P (2014). The DNA of socially responsible innovation. EMBO Reports, 15(2), 134-137.
  • Flipse, SM, Winde, JH de, Osseweijer, P & Sanden, MCA van der (2014). The wicked problem of socially responsible innovation. EMBO Reports, 15(5), 464-466.
  • Flipse, SM, Sanden, MCA van der, Radstake, M, Winde, JH de & Osseweijer, P (2014). Wicked problem of Socially Responsible Innovation. EMBO Reports, 15, 464-464.

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