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Nando Timmer is lecturer and research engineer at the Department of Aerodynamics, Wind Energy and Flight Mechanics & Propulsion at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of TU Delft. His research focuses on the aerodynamics of wind turbine rotor blades, and in particular on the design and wind tunnel testing of wind turbine dedicated airfoils.

At present approximately 50% of the large wind turbines worldwide incorporate one or more of these DU airfoils or derivatives in their blades. He teaches aerodynamics and wind energy and is the coordinator for the 2nd year project System Design.

He is also a member of the organizing committee for the Design Synthesis Exercise, the faculty's bachelor final project. Recently he was appointed scientific director of the wind tunnel laboratories of the Aerospace faculty.

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Assistant professor at the Department of Wind Energy, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology


MSc in Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology


Aerospace Engineering


Recent publications:

  • Balbino Dos Santos Pereira, R, Bussel, GJW van & Timmer, WA (2014). Active stall control for large offshore horizontal axis wind turbines; a conceptual study considering different actuation methods. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 555, 1-21.
  • Llorente, E, Gorostodo, A, Jacobs, M, Timmer, WA, Munduate, X & Pires, O (2014). Wind tunnel tests of wind turbine airfoils at high Reynolds numbers. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 524(1), 1-10.
  • Balbino Dos Santos Pereira, R, Bussel, GJW van & Timmer, WA (2013). Active stall controlled hawt optimization. In s.n. (Ed.), Proceedings of 9th PhD seminar on wind energy in Europe (pp. 1-5). s.l.: s.n..
  • Saunders-Smits, GN, Roling, PC, Brugemann, VP, Timmer, WA & Melkert, JA (2012). Using the engineering design cycle to develop integrated project based learning in aerospace engineering. In s.n. (Ed.), EE2012, International Conference on Innovation, Practice and Research in Engineering Education (pp. 1-13). Coventry, UK: SEFI.
  • Brugemann, VP, Melkert, JA, Mooij, E, Saunders-Smits, GN, Snellen, M & Timmer, WA (2011). Delft Aerospace Design Project 2011. Huizen: Het Goede Boek.

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