Margot Weijnen holds the chair of Process and Energy Systems Engineering at the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, TU Delft. She is the founding and scientific director of Next Generation Infrastructures.

She directed the TU Delft Inter-faculty Research Center on Design and Management of Infrastructures from 1998 until 2009. She served as a member of the Advisory Group on Energy for the European Commission, the Dutch Innovation Platform and the Netherlands General Energy Council.

Among other current affiliations, she is a member of the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy.

research interest

  • Process systems design and management (focus on designing for reliability and availability).
  • Energy resource management and energy technologies.
  • Energy infrastructure design and management, incl. institutional design.

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Professor of Process and Energy Systems Engineering at the Department of Energy & Industry, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology


PhD in Chemical Process Engineering, Delft University of Technology
MSc in Chemical Process Engineering, Delft University of Technology


Technology, Policy and Management


Recent publications:

  • Gargiulo Morelli, V, Weijnen, MPC, Bueren, EM van, Wenzler, I, Reuver, GA de & Salvati, L (2013). Towards intelligently - sustainable cities? From intelligent and knowledge city programmes to the achievement of urban sustainability. Tema, 6(1), 74-86.
  • Heuvelhof, EF ten & Weijnen, MPC (2013). Investing in smart grids within the market within the market paradigm: The case of the Netherlands and its relevance for China. Policy & Society, 32(2), 163-174.
  • Jong, WM de, Yu, C, Chen, X, Wang, D & Weijnen, MPC (2013). Developing robust organizational frameworks for Sino-foreign eco-cities: comparing Sino-Dutch Shenzhen low carbon city with other initiatives. Journal of Cleaner Production, 57(October), 209-220.
  • Jong, WM de & Weijnen, MPC (2012). Ecosteden in China: Droom of werkelijkheid? Rooilijn: tijdschrift voor wetenschap en beleid in de ruimtelijke ordening, 45(1), 52-59.
  • Li, Y, Lukszo, Z & Weijnen, MPC (2013). The potential of electric vehicles to facilitate a high wind power penetration. In s.n. (Ed.), Proceedings of the 10th IEEE international conference on networking, sensing and control, ICNSC 2013 (pp. 901-906). Piscataway: IEEE.

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