Jan Leen Kloosterman is Associate Professor of Nuclear Reactor Physics, Section Physics of Nuclear Reactors, Department of Radiation, Science & Technology, Faculty of Applied Sciences at the Delft University of Technology.

He was awarded his PhD in Nuclear Reactor Physics in 1987.

From 1992 to 1998 Jan Leen worked as project leader and senior researcher in the field of nuclear waste transmutation at the Netherlands Energy Research Foundation - Nuclear Energy.

research interest

Generation-IV nuclear reactors.
Dynamics of Nuclear Reactors.
Nuclear Reactor Physics.
Thorium Fuel Cycle.

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Associate professor of Nuclear Reactor Physics, Department of Radiation, Science & Technology, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Delft University of Technology


PhD in Nuclear Reactor Physics, Delft University of Technology
MSc in Applied Physics, Delft University of Technology


Applied Sciences


Recent publications:

  • Auwerda, GJ , Zheng, YH , Kloosterman, JL , Lathouwers, D (2014). Comparison of 2D and 3D heat transfer models around the coolant channels in the HTR-PM side reflector., Nuclear Engineering and Design, 271, 465-471.
  • Perko, Z , Lathouwers, D , Kloosterman, JL , Hagen, THJJ van der (2014). Constrained quantities in uncertainty quantification: ambiguity and tips to follow. 0 s.n., THJJ (Eds.) Physor 2014-the role of reactor physics toward a sustainable future Vol s.n. (pp. s.n.-s.n.) Kyoto, Japan: CD-ROM.
  • Wols, FJ , Kloosterman, JL , Lathouwers, D , Hagen, THJJ van der (2014). Core design and fuel management studies of a thorium-breeder pebble bed high-temperature reactor., Nuclear Technology, 186 (1), 1-16.
  • Perko, Z , Pelloni, S , Mikityuk, K , Krepel, J , Szieberth, M , Gaëtan, G , Vrban, B , Lüley, J , Cerba, S , Halász, M , Fehér, S , Reiss, T , Kloosterman, JL , Stainsby, R , Poette, C (2014). Core neutronics characterization of the GFR2400 gas cooled fast reactor., Progress in Nuclear Energy, 1-22.
  • Taebi, B , Kloosterman, JL (2014). Design for values in nuclear technology. Handbook of ethics, values, and technological design: sources, theory, values and application domains, (pp. 1-21) Dordrecht/Heidelberg/New York/London: Springer.

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