Giordano Scappucci is team leader of the Quantum Materials Lab at QuTech, Delft University of Technology. Giordano has a multidisciplinary expertise in semiconductors that has enabled him to span the traditional boundaries between materials, chemistry, nanofabrication and physics.

Giordano received a MSc in Physics from La Sapienza University (Roma, Italy) in 2000 and a PhD in Physics from Roma TRE University (Roma, Italy) in 2004. In his research, Giordano made high quality Si/Ge epitaxial layers to confine high mobility two-dimensional electron gases in silicon and study quantum phenomena in nanowires transistors.

He then moved to Australia to the University of New South Wales, where he contributed to the development of a radical atomic-scale silicon device technology to fabricate devices where dopants are placed in silicon and germanium with atomic precision.

Back to Europe in 2015, and back to SiGe heterostructures, the goal if his research group is to tailor the structural and electronic properties of SiGe heterostructures for applications in quantum technologies. He joined QuTech in 2015. His group is a research partner with Intel for the development of a quantum computer in silicon.

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Team leader of the Quantum Materials Lab at QuTech, Delft University of Technology


PhD, Physics, Roma TRE, Italy


Applied Sciences

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