Doris van Halem is a tenure track Assistant Professor within the Department of Water Management, in the Sanitary Engineering Section of Delft University of Technology. She graduated from Delft University of Technology in Civil Engineering and Geosciences with a cum laude MSc degree (2007). During her studies, she developed an interest in global drinking water challenges, illustrated by her internships in Sri Lanka and Benin, and resulting in an MSc thesis "Ceramic silver impregnated pot filter for household drinking water treatment in developing countries".

In 2011, she completed her PhD research (with honors) on subsurface iron and arsenic removal for drinking water supply in Bangladesh under the guidance of prof. J.C. van Dijk (TU Delft) and prof. dr. G.L. Amy (Unesco-IHE).

Currently she supervises BSc, MSc and PhD students, focusing on inorganic constituent behavior and trace compound removal during soil passage and drinking water treatment - with a particular interest in smart, pro-poor drinking water solutions.

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Assistant professor at the Department of Water Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology


PhD, Delft University of Technology
MSc in Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology


Civil Engineering and Geosciences


Recent publications:

  • Rahman, MM, Bakker, M, Freitas, SCB, Halem, D van, Breukelen, BM van, Ahmed, KM & Badruzzaman, ABM (2015). Exploratory experiments to determine the effect of alternative operations on the efficiency of subsurface arsenic removal in rural Bangladesh. Hydrogeology Journal, 23(1), 19-34.
  • Gutierrez Marin, JP, Halem, D van & Rietveld, LC (2013). Heavy metal removal from highly turbid river water with bank filtration. In s.n. (Ed.), IWA Metals 2013, Metal in water: Health protection and sustainability through technical innovation (pp. ?-?). s.l.: s.n..
  • Laan, H van der, Halem, D van, Smeets, PWMH, Soppe, AIA, Kroesbergen, J, Wubbels, G, Nederstigt, J, Gensburger, I & Heijman, SGJ (2014). Bacteria and virus removal effectiveness of ceramic pot filters with different silver applications in a long term experiment. Water Research, 51, 47-54.
  • Borges Freitas, SC, Halem, D van, Rahman, MM, Verberk, JQJC, Badruzzaman, ABM & Meer, WGJ van der (2013). Hand-pump subsurface arsenic removal: The effect of groundwater conditions and intermittent operation. Water Science and Technology: Water Supply, 2013, 1-8.
  • Borges Freitas, SC, Rahman, MM, Halem, D van, Verberk, JQJC, Badruzzaman, ABM & Meer, WGJ van der (2012). The efficiency of Subsurface Arsenic Removal under low phosphate conditions. In Changwon (Ed.), World water congress and exhibition (pp. 1-11). Busan: IWA.

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