Asterios Katsifodimos is an assistant professor of Computer Science at TU Delft. Asterios' research focuses on scalable data management, and more specifically on parallel stream processing, systems for scalable AI/ML, and data integration.

Before joining TU Delft, Asterios worked at the SAP Innovation Center in Berlin, working on scale-out architectures for machine learning inference and training. Before SAP, he was a senior researcher at the database systems group in TU Berlin. Asterios received his PhD from INRIA Saclay & Université Paris-Sud in 2013, and his MSc, BSc degrees from the University of Cyprus.

Asterios received the SIGMOD Research Highlights Award in 2016 and the EDBT Best Paper award in 2019.

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Assistant professor of Computer Science, Delft University of Technology


PhD, Computer Science, INRIA Saclay, Université Paris-Sud
MSc, Advanced Information Technologies, University of Cyprus
BSc, Computer Science, University of Cyprus


Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science


Selected publications:

  • Stateful Functions as a Service in Action. Akhter, A., Fragkoulis, M., & Katsifodimos, A. (2019). Proceedings of the VLDB Endowment, 12(12), 1890-1893.
  • Operational Stream Processing: Towards Scalable and Consistent Event-Driven Applications. Katsifodimos, A., & Fragkoulis, M. (2019). In EDBT (pp. 682-685).
  • Efficient Window Aggregation with General Stream Slicing. Traub, J., Grulich, P. M., Cuéllar, A. R., Breß, S., Katsifodimos, A., Rabl, T., & Markl, V. (2019). In EDBT (pp. 97-108).
  • Benchmarking distributed stream data processing systems. Karimov, J., Rabl, T., Katsifodimos, A., Samarev, R., Heiskanen, H., & Markl, V. (2018, April). In 2018 IEEE 34th International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) (pp. 1507-1518). IEEE.
  • Apache flink: Stream and batch processing in a single engine. Carbone, P., Katsifodimos, A., Ewen, S., Markl, V., Haridi, S., & Tzoumas, K. (2015). Bulletin of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Data Engineering, 36(4).

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