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Every day money, energy and resources disappear without trace. They are spent on innovative products and services 99% of which never even get noticed. This course will help you to understand and master the concepts behind the successful marketing and launch of new products. You will also learn how to create a brand strategy and a strategic launch plan that will ensure the success of your future products. Sign up for our New Product Marketing online course and discover how to stop spending valuable resources on products that no one ever sees.

The world is full of innovation. The biggest challenge is differentiation - how to stand out from the competition. Daily, new products and services are thrust through the digital channels by those in search of a willing audience. In the ocean of competing supply, it's easier to drown than to float to the surface. While warehouses and supermarket shelves overflow, inboxes and servers fill up and everyone has more and more choice, the question arises: What does it take for a product or service to make its mark?

This course is for all those involved in innovation who want to turn their product or service into a commercial success. It's designed for product developers, designers and innovation executives who have devoted a lot of their time to creating a new product or service and are now eager to generate demand for it.

This course will provide a step-change in your career as innovator by teaching you how to create a market for your ideas.

Marketing and branding in new product development

This course analyzes the factors that affect success and failure in new product development (NPD) with a special focus on the role of marketing and branding. The interactive blend of theory and practice introduces participants to NPD topics including product innovation, new product failure scenarios, best practices for new product launches and provides hands-on experience on how to build a product and brand portfolio that is balanced and strategically aligned. The course uses case studies drawn from innovative products and services recently brought to market.

After taking this course you will be able to:

  • Identify and utilize the key success factors for an excellent product introduction
  • Build a brand strategy to ensure a product or service is one people want to buy
  • Write a development and launch plan for your product or service

In this course you will have access to our five-step plan for positioning your product. During the course you will be able to develop and work on a launch plan template for your own product or service which will be reviewed by the course team.

This course is taught by Professors Roland van der Vorst and Erik Jan Hultink from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. Prof. van der Vorst, an authority in the field of brand strategy, is managing director of FreedomLab and part-time Professor of Strategic Design for Brand Development. This course will give participants the first chance to gain insights from his latest book Contrarian Branding.


By studying several cases on new product marketing, this course will lead you through the way you should commercialize your innovations. You will learn what the major cause is of innovation failing and what can be done to prevent this from happening. There is a case of abundance, too many products that all fit within the same (small) product category. It is challenging, BUT possible to not just be the 999th running application out of a 1000. Lastly, a glimpse will be taught how to start exploring your brand strategy, to secure a firm position in your product category of choice.

By the end of this course, you will know better why a (or your) products fail or succeed after it's launch and how to eliminate the frustration of product failure. You'll be able to predict better what it is that went well or wrong, and adjust your practice better where necessary. Educate to become an upcoming expert in the field of new product marketing, and know how to prevent that you'll launch the 999th running application.

Course Syllabus

Week 0 - introduction

  • How many innovation actually get seen?
  • Can standing out be learned?
  • Why do products fail and what is abundance? If there are too many products, how do you stand out?
  • Examples of most successful introductions in fast-moving consumer goods

Week 1 - Why do you fail?

  • Why products fail
  • Success factors of new product marketing
  • Summarize literature on success & failure of new products
  • Why do so many products disappear?
  • Assignment on product failures and successes

Week 2 - Abundance

  • Abundance within the markets and how positioning plays a part in this
  • How can positioning help you to get noticed?
  • Why do you fade out?
  • What to do to stand out?
  • Interview with 2 external companies
  • Assignment on abundance

Week 3 - Brand strategy

  • Brand strategy
  • What is brand strategy and how do you manage it?
  • How to translate your product into a brand model?
  • Interview with 2 external companies
  • Assignment: Develop your own brand strategy & position yourself regarding your launch plan

Week 4 - Launch plan and wrap-up

  • Launch plans
  • Instructors will wrap up the course and point out all the learnings
  • How do you create a launch plan based on your brand strategy
  • Wrap up the course what were all the learnings



If you successfully complete this course you will earn a professional education certificate and you are eligible to receive 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

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This course is primarily geared towards working professionals.




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