Our Courses on the Future of Transportation

We pay close attention to new, more sustainable modes of transportation – and bring the latest knowledge in this field into our online courses and programs.  

The ever-growing need for freight and passenger transport challenges engineers and society the challenge to reduce pollution, congestion and increase safety. The role of transport in sustainable development has been recognized decades ago, nevertheless the urgency is increasing. Why? Transport has a serious impact on the environment, accounting for a significant share in the world energy consumption and emissions.

As one of the leading European universities in the field of technology, we are committed to help address urgent and complex mobility challenges worldwide. The aim is to make transport cleaner, faster, safer, more comfortable and affordable.

Advanced technology and innovation will play an important role in preparing for sustainable transportation. Many vehicles will operate on alternative fuels. Smart policy and new business approaches, traffic operations and management will be essential to shape the future transportation and its systems. 

Our online courses enable engineers, managers and users to gain skills and knowledge in these fields to help create such a future. Join our transportation courses and contribute to a more sustainable and more connected world.

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