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Wim Ravesteijn is an Associate Professor at Delft University of Technology, where he manages the Technology Dynamics and Sustainable Development Section within the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management. He is a Visiting Scholar at the School of Management of Harbin Institute of Technology (China) as well. He is involved in water control from historical and international points of view and also in the history and the achievements of the Public Works Department in the Netherlands East Indies and Indonesia.

Socio- technical systems, national innovation systems and technological regimes are his theoretical interests. His teaching subjects include Technology Dynamics, Sustainable Development, Transition Management, History of Technology, Technology Assessment, Technology Forecasting, Global Technology Development, Development Cooperation and Business Sociology.

He graduated in cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. His Masters Thesis was on long-term economic and political changes in Sicily, a serious problem area within the European Community. After graduating, he started working at Delft University of Technology. Before taking his present position, he worked as a researcher and as a lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture and in the Departments of Appropriate Technology and Sociology within the Faculty of Technology and Society (now: the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management).

He gained his doctorate in 1997 with the publication of "De zegenrijke heeren der wateren. Irrigatie en staat op Java, 1832-1942" ("The Auspicious Lords of the Waters. Irrigation and the Colonial State in Java, 1832-1942"), Delft University Press. He has published on a variety of subjects, including the history of technology, in particular the history of television and the development of civil engineering technology in the Netherlands East Indies/Indonesia, water resources development and management, appropriate technology and organization culture.

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Associate professor at the Department of Ethics & Philosophy of Technology, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology


PhD, Delft University of Technology
MA in Cultural Anthropology, University of Amsterdam


Technology, Policy and Management


Recent publications:

  • Priyambodho, A, Poel, IR van de & Ravesteijn, W (2014). Responsible port innovation. In B Kuipers & O de Jong (Eds.), The 3rd Erasmus Smart Port Rotterdam / Port Research Centre Rotterdam-Delft poster session (pp. 76-82). Rotterdam: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.
  • Ravesteijn, W, He, J & Chen, C (2014). Responsible innovation and stakeholder management in infrastructures: the Nansha port railway project. Ocean & Coastal Management, 100(November), 1-9.
  • Ravesteyn, W, He, J & Chen, C (2014). Responsible innovation and stakeholder management in infrastructures : The Nansha Port Railway Project. Ocean & Coastal Management, 100(November), 1-9.
  • Zheng, D, Mi, J, Ravesteijn, W & Qiu, F (2014). Responsible resource management: The predicament and reform path for Chinese wetland conservation. Wetlands Ecology and Management, 22(5), 509-521.
  • Zheng, HT, Watts-Jones, SR & Ravesteyn, W (2014). The implementation of renewable energy policies : Wind energy electricity in Xinjiang autonomous region. In H Lan & YH Yang (Eds.), Annual conference proceedings of the international conference on management science and engineering (pp. 1636-1644). Piscataway: IEEE.

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