Henri Spanjers graduated in 1985 from Wageningen University as an Environmental Engineer. He received his doctoral degree in 1993 in Activated Sludge Process Respirometry. He worked at the department of Agricultural, Environmental and Systems Technology of Wageningen University, at the Lund Institute of Technology in Sweden, at the University of Ottawa in Canada, at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra, Italy, and at Ghent University in Belgium and he was project director with Lettinga Associates Foundation in Wageningen.

He is secretary of the International Water Association Specialist Group on Anaerobic Digestion.

research interest

Industrial water treatment.

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Associate professor at the Department of Water Management, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology


PhD, Wageningen University and Research Centre
MSc in Environmental Engineering, Wageningen University and Research Centre


Civil Engineering and Geosciences


Recent publications:

  • Munoz Sierra, JD, Spanjers, H & Lier, JB van (2014). Biomass acclimatisation during start-up of AnMBR reactors treating saline phenolic wastewater. In s.n. (Ed.), Proceedings of the 11th Latin American workshop and symposium on anaerobic digestion. IWA conference (pp. 1-8). La Habana: IWA.
  • Zhang, X, Ferreira, RB, Hu, J, Spanjers, H & Lier, JB van (2014). Improving methane production and phosphorus release in anaerobic digestion of particulate saline sludge from a brackish aquaculture recirculation system. Bioresource Technology, 162(June), 384-388.
  • Zhang, X, Hu, J, Spanjers, H & Lier, JB van (2014). Performance of inorganic coagulants in treatment of backwash watersfrom a brackish aquaculture recirculation system and digestibility ofsalty sludge. Aquacultural Engineering, 61(July), 9-16.
  • Munoz Sierra, JD, Kreuk, MK de, Spanjers, H & Lier, JB van (2013). Anaerobic membrane bioreactor under extreme conditions. In s.n. (Ed.), Proceedings of the 1st Delft Process Technology Institute annual event 2013 (pp. 1-1). Delft: Delft process technology institute.
  • Bun, R, Kupers, B, Plantenga, M, Roubos, C, Spanjers, H & Tummers, R (2014). Industrie sorteert voor op toekomstige waterhuishouding, Interview door Elise Quaden en David van Baarle. Utilities, 15(4), 12-15.

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