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"Thanks to social media like Facebook, there is much more room for interaction with online students than I expected. My most counter-intuitive experience I have with MOOCs."

Hans de Bruijn is Professor of Public Administration in the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology. His research focuses on governance issues at the intersection of politics, management and technology, such as decision-making about large-scale infrastructure projects, the privatization and deregulation of utilities, safety and security, river management, regulation and inspection, managing professionals and various types of government policy relating to technology.

Such issues are usually characterised by a high degree of complexity. Governance involves a network of interdependent actors who behave strategically and know how to play the game. The types of problems that arise in this context are often ambiguous in nature, and the relevant information is often contested. Unforeseen dynamics are also very common.

Hans de Bruijn has written several books on these issues, including "Management in Networks: On Multi-Actor Decision Making" (Routledge: London 2008, with Ernst ten Heuvelhof) and "Process Management: Why Project Management Fails in Complex Decision-Making Processes" (Springer: Berlin 2010, with Ernst ten Heuvelhof and Roel in 't Veld). He has also published on the management of professional organisations, including: "Managing Professionals" (Routledge: London 2010) and "Managing Performance in the Public Sector" (Routledge: London 2007, 2nd ed.).

Actors who deal with governance issues need to possess a high tolerance for complexity in order to understand these issues and come up with appropriate governance arrangements. At the same time, however, public debate in this area is less about tolerance for complexity and more about sense and simplicity. It is also essentially a game involving words, images and arguments. Hans de Bruijn is fascinated by this game and has written 'Framing. How Politicians Convince Us That They Are Right' (2017) about patterns in the game of framing and reframing.

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Professor of Public Administration at the Department of Policy, Organisation Law and Gaming, Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, Delft University of Technology


PhD in Public Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam
LL.M, Leiden University
MA in Political Science, Leiden University


Technology, Policy and Management


Recent publications:

  • Voort, HG van der, Bruijn, JA de, Sidorova, Y & Arnaboldi, M (2014). Mars attacks! About the introduction of social media in large organizations. In V Grozdanic (Ed.), Proceedings of the 10th European conference on management leadership and governance (ECMLG 2014) (pp. 355-362). s.l.: Academic Publishing.
  • Bruijn, JA de, Bruijne, M.L.C. de, Voort, HG van der & Steenhuisen, BM (2015). Within control: over de organisatie van risico-inschattingen. Den Haag: Boom uitgevers.
  • Agostino, D, Steenhuisen, BM, Arnaboldi, M & Bruijn, JA de (2014). PMS development in local public transport: Comparing Milan and Amsterdam. Transport Policy, 33(May), 26-32.
  • Pruyt, E, Cunningham, S, Kwakkel, JH & Bruijn, JA de (2014). From data-poor to data-rich - system dynamics in the era of big data. In P Davidsen & EAJA Rouwette (Eds.), Proceedings of the 32nd international conference of the system dynamics society (pp. 2458-2469). New York: The System Dynamics Society.
  • Bruijn, JA de, Voort, HG van der, Warmelink, HJG, Wendel de Joode, R & Willems, N (2014). Nieuwerwets Organiseren. Assen: Koninklijke van Gorcum.

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