Dirk Sijmons (1949) is one of the founders of H+N+S Landscape-architects. At the office he was responsible for regional plans and research projects. H+N+S received the Prince Bernard Culture award in 2001. In 2002 he received the Rotterdam-Maaskant award and in 2007 the prestigious Edgar Doncker award for his contribution to ‘Dutch Culture’.

His book publications in English are = Landscape (1998), Greetings from Europe (2008), Landscape and Energy (2014), Moved Movement (2015) and Room-for-the-River (2017). Sijmons was appointed first State Landscape Architect of the Netherlands (2004-2008) and in that capacity chair of the Quality-team Room-for-the-Rivers.

Dirk held the chair of Environmental Design (2008-2011) and that of Landscape Architecture (2011-2015) at TU Delft. He was curator of IABR--2014 themed Urban-by-Nature. At the World Design summit 2017 in Montreal, he received the Global IFLA sir Geoffrey Jellicoe award.

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Senior Advisor, Founder and Owner of H+N+S Landscape-architects


MSc, Urbanism, Delft University of Technology


Architecture and the Built Environment

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